2020 has been an interesting year. Not one we ever saw coming. With our lives turned upside down, fashion trends went topsy turvy. Locked down for months on end we lost focus of what it meant to “get dressed.” Lounging in pjs, sloppy sweats, tees and more, fashion meant comfy, comfy, comfy. With far bigger issues at hand fashion codes were tossed to the sidelines. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. And months kept going. At some point we needed to get dressed. Look human again. What was the point? Where were we going? Maybe nowhere. But style, fashion and attitude go hand in hand. Fashion reflects our attitude. 

High-style fashion has been heading in the direction of cozy-comfort long before the pandemic.  Tie-dye just took it to a whole other level! Color! Color! Color! Pinks, yellow, blues, purples. Colors muted together in a rainbow of happiness. Tie-dye chic is a sign of the times. This trendy, hip style is fitting for everyone from babes, toddlers, and youth, to the “biggest” of kids (aka adults). Matching tie-dye sweats, long hoodies or cropped versions for all ages. Coordinate with leggings and some trendy “sneaks” for fashionable comfort at its best. “Everything old is new again.” 

Take tie-dye to a whole new level. Patch it up! Bring out individuality! Make a statement. It’s all about you. Select the patches that match the things YOU love. Make  this fashion YOUR style statement of 2020.

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